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To read more about the Lien Thumper Package in detail, what it includes, and to listen to a phone conference call about it please click here

At this site is information on remove lien suits, tax lien property, and federal tax lien(s) that is better than almost all of the tax lien advice or IRS tax advice you can find out there. I believe you will find that IRS tax relief is available to those who become knowledgeable about the provisions in the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations for obtaining abatement from IRS tax liens, release of IRS liens, mitigation of tax liens, and information about relief from a property lien. There are legitimate ways in the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations to get IRS relief from a federal tax lien and this site makes it easy for you to access that information quickly and easily. Some of the information needed to obtain this relief is obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA. Further down in this site is research you will need in order to obtain the alleviation of an IRS levy. When the research on this site is effectively utilized tax levy relief is available and you can experience tax freedom!


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